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Feb 13, 2013
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Recently I bought a product on Amazon for a ridiculously low price compared to other battery cases. But I ordered it anyway hoping that it would be worth my $30. With little expectations, I was overwhelmed when I received this battery case. It?s not the best but it was definitely worth the money.

Here's my review for this case

? fashionable battery case that'll give you the most comfort, shape, and security.
? Maintains the slim-fit and lightweight that the iPhone 5 presents, while bringing extra life to your phone.
? This battery case includes a battery pack that is lightweight despite its maximum capacity of 2200mAh battery hidden inside an ultra-thin durable casing
? battery life is more than capable of doubling the battery life of the iPhone 5.
? extended battery has fully functional set of features including power on/off so you can decide when or when not to have power
? battery level indication so you can check power remaining at any time
? pass through syncing so that you don?t need to remove the battery to sync with iTunes.
? TPU silicon makes it easier for you to remove the phone while giving it security
? Reasonable Price
? Some parts are made from plastic (but that?s what makes it very lightweight.. pretty reasonable)
? No earphone jack. This is similar for most battery cases. You gotta work your way around, and the good thing is that it?s not very hard to take on and off.
? Generic Brand

As of now these are the only Pros and Cons I realized. I?ll add more if things come up. Thanks :)
Blue/White: Iphone 5 Backup Battery Cover Case 2200mah: Cell Phones & Accessories
Pink/White: Fashionable Power Bank Protective Rechargeable 2200 mAh Battery Charger Case for iPhone 5 - Pink/White: Cell Phones & Accessories

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