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does the iphone 6 really bend??


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Does the iPhone 6 really bend?? People have been saying it bends when its in your pocket. I want to know if it also has great quality. Is the iPhone 6 the same as any other iPhone???


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Mar 13, 2014
This issue has come and gone. Basically, it all boils down to people looking for problems when there aren't any. Myself, my Wife, a friend, Mother-in-Law, Brother and his girlfriend all have 6 Pluses and there are no issues. My wife kept hers in her back pocket for over a month after getting it without a case (cases were on pre-order then) and it was fine. She just didn't sit on it or anything. Any phone or electronic device will bend given enough force. They are not indestructible. As long as you use it normally, take care of it and apply a little common sense - you'll be just fine. I do recommend getting some sort of case, though. But as for the whole #bendgate thing...don't worry about it. Go with whichever phone makes you happy. The iPhone 6/Plus are great phones with superb build quality, as always the case with Apple products (minus the 5C, lol).