Does the built-in Music app show file information (ID3tags, bitrate, etc)?


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I have an iPhone Xs Max and was playing one of my songs that I transferred over to the phone storage via iTunes. I was able to see the name of the song and length on the iPhone, but there isn't any menu option for "info" etc. Something that shows ID3 tag info, bitrate, etc. Often I like to see the bitrate and quality of the MP3 that I'm playing. On Android it was super easy to get all of the info. on the file/MP3 from the built-in music app. Doesn't seem so on iOS.

Do I need to download another program to see these things? Sort of like the Metapho app addon does for Photos that allows me to see the ISO, shutter speed, etc. of the photo.

And I know I can go on my computer/iTunes and see the information there, but I want to be able to display/see it on my phone.

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