Does online stock represent all available stock, or is there more stock in store?


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Jan 3, 2015
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Hey everyone,

I have a random question regarding Apple products and how much they stock.

I want to purchase an iPhone X Apple leather case and also a screen protector.

I noticed during preorder day for the iPhone X that the Apple leather case was "available to pick up in store November 3". Now when I log onto the Apple store it says the Apple leather case I want is available to pickup in store November 9, with some other colours even later (the screen protector I want has dropped to even later at pickup November 23).

I didn't purchase one straight away on October 27 because I wasn't sure which colour case I wanted and I thought I was just going to get one when I picked up my iPhone X on launch day.

My question is, when I pick up my iPhone X on launch day at the Apple store, do you think they will have more stock of cases/screen protectors etc for the iPhone X in store, for walk in customers etc, or when it says "pick up in store november 9" online does that mean that all stock is sold out/unavailable until that date?

I don't fancy the idea of picking up my iPhone X on launch day and not getting at least a case for it so I'm just trying to decide what the best way forward is.

If anyone has any experience or suggestions regarding this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you! :)

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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I believe the Apple Store app matches the current store inventory so if it says they’re out of that particular case I wouldn’t expect they’re holding any back. If you’re concerned about having a case on launch day there are a ton available on Amazon. Just search for “iPhone X case”.


Feb 6, 2012
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The website stock goes with what the store has on hand. But there’s always the possibility that the store isn’t up to date or current with what the store specifically has on hand. For example, the website may say they have something that was recently sold and hasn’t reflected yet. Conversely, they may have just received a shipment and that hasn’t updated on the website. So it’s possible they’ll have what you want when you go in.

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