Does my iPhone 6s have malware? What is TS Tech Americas Inc.?


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Feb 7, 2017
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Hi guys!

So to summarise, my mother was complaining for a week that her 64GB iphone 6s's storage is completely full and she cant use anything on her phone because of it.
The storage data showed only 1GB worth of data in use, since she had over time deleted everything in order to be able to use it. However the total sum of used data read 58GB, remaining space fluctuating from 0kb - 100mb at its will. I figured its maybe the 'other' files that are clogging the space.
The iphone wouldn't successfully backup on itunes or icloud, so i decided the best option was to factory reset the device and restore from old back ups.

After the first few normal select language, country and icloud id setup pages, came the page where it asks you to restore from backup from itunes/icloud or set up as new iphone. I tried restoring but my attempts kept failing. So I decided to set up as new iphone and manually move date via gmail and dropbox and overtime via icloud.
Upon clicking set up as new iphone a i saw a unusual page that read 'configuration'. TS tech americas inc will remotely configure this iphone. It also also said stuff like it could remotely control and remove data from my phone? what? what even is TS tech americas and why does it have access to my phone, there was no cancel option only next, I immediately rebooted the device by holding down the power button and touch id sensor, then i progressed to normally setting up the device. And after that, now when i open settings It reads 'This iphone is supervised. TS Tech americas INC can monitor internet traffic and locate this device'. I've attached a picture below.
It wont connect to icloud or itunes, as it keeps says saying this iphone is not authorized? Updating and restoring did have not helped either.

Am i being paranoid? Is this a bug? is this a virus? I've never seen this on any of the apple products ever? And i cant find anything on the forums. Can some one please help me out.

PS. i updated to the new version of ios 10.2.1 right after the restore, since there was no space to update the software before the restore.


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Aug 14, 2015
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Re: Does my Iphone6s have a malware? What even is TS tech Americas inc?

Welcome to iMore.

TS Tech Americas, Inc. is a manufacturer of automobile supplies. My first question would be to ask you if this phone was bought new or second hand? I ask this only because it seems like the phone maybe restricted and may have come from TS Tech Americas, Inc.

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