Does iphone 5s 64 gb have problems?


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I bought a new iphone 5s 64 gb via a high-rated Amazon seller.

The battery life seems shorter than my 4s 64 gb.

The screen seems not as responsive as my 4s 64 gb.

Are these common problems for the iphone 5s 64 gb?

Is the iphone 5s 64 gb just not as good as the current iPhone 5s 32 gb?

Also, the fingerprint button is a different design than current iPhone (5c, 5s, 6) models. It is not as recessed but seems to work fine anyway.


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Oct 22, 2010
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You could try a restore of the iOS... Those issues are not unheard of but not an everyday thing either...


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Jul 15, 2015
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Hi and thanks for response! I will try that. (This was my topic right but I posted the question before I joined site).

I hope it works! I've been dreading getting my SIM converted again to go back to 4s. There is always AppleCare too I guess but they don't make my model anymore so they'd have to send me refurbished one.

Didn't want to spend more money to get a newer 32gb 5s as I need the space. Yes, I probably should have just bitten the huge phone bullet and gotten a 6. Sigh.

Thanks again!


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Sep 14, 2015
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I have iPhone 5s 64 GB yes I notice after while it is not responsive as my 4 32 GB but now it be one year old in one more week all it does is freeze and crash on half my apps plus the ALL PHOTO it also mixes the photos up now when I delete photos it will bring them back in couple days sometimes in one week plus the SCREEN SHOT works half the time when you press the power button and home button down same time. When it brings back photos when I delete them it makes them in doubles or triplets plus when it mixes the photos on ALL PHOTOS it will put photos from last year or two months back as the first photo also the auto correct is starting mess up it will print what it wants to not what you want the the keyboard to type