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Does iPad 3 work with iPad 1 Case and Stand?


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Nov 25, 2010
I have an iPad 1 and skipped the iPad 2 but am upgrading to the iPad 3. I plan to buy a new screen protector for my iPad 3 but also, there are two items I'd like to use from my iPad 1 with the iPad 3.
The first is a case that's made by Monaco. It's a leather book type case that the iPad fits in and it covers it up.
The second accessory is an iPad 1 stand made by AiData. It is a stand that sits on a desk and holds the iPad.

I have read many articles today about the iPad 3 and some are talking about upgrading from the iPad 2 and if it works with the same accessories. I know from what I read the iPad 2 was said not to work with the accessories I have but does anyone know what the dimensions and size of the iPad 3 are vs. the iPad 1 and if it would work with these accessories?




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Apr 28, 2009
The biggest problems going from the 1 to the 2, accessory-wise are no camera hole in the back of the case, and the front often covers the light sensor. You will have to watch for these if putting the New iPad in a case built for the 1.