does evasi0n automatically unlock phone for international use? (help!)

Eoin McGuigan

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Mar 2, 2013
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Hey All!

Total newbie here and I looked through previous posts and wasn't seeing the answer to my question so just thought I'd ask.

If I install evasi0n is my phone automatically unlocked for international use? I'm planning a trip to hong kong and bangkok and I'd like to be able to just insert a new SIM once I get there and be on my way. Or is there another step I need to take? Would love to know! Thanks all :)


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Oct 22, 2010
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No. Jailbreaking and SIM unlocks are distinct things. Check your service provider, or where you bought your phone to find out if yours is already unlocked or not - if not, ask them how to go about getting it unlocked... or search for a 3rd party service that can unlock your provider's phones.


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Sep 16, 2012
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Which phone and which carrier ?.

The 5 comes unlocked automatically on Verizon, not on Sprint. No clue about ATT. Thus with a 5 you can simply pop in a new SIM and re-boot in a location with (free) WiFi. The phone will find the local carrier .

4S on VZW requires carrier consent. They typically give it if you've been a VZW user for at least 3 mos., no outstanding charges and are traveling outside the US where a GSM SIM card can be used. No clue what Sprint or ATT do.