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Do you think true "Zero Knowledge" or end-to-end encryption is on iCloud's roadmap?

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Apr 28, 2016
I remembered an article suggesting that Apple may be looking at truly making iCloud a private service. (SpiderOak and others have proved it can be done. Day One claims to be looking into it.) Do you think we are going to ever see this for iCloud Drive in general?

Apple Actively Working to 'Double Down' on iCloud Encryption - Mac Rumors

In Beefing Up iCloud Security, Apple Weighs Privacy Against Convenience - WSJ

These articles seem to back statements made Zdziarski, who now works *for* Apple, where he said that it was possible for iCloud to support end-to-end encryption without compromising features.

Apple Keeps Constant Log Of iPhone Calls In iCloud, Warns Cop Contractor

Jonathan Zdziarski goes to Apple | iMore

The Forbes article points how sensitive information is saved to iCloud in a decryptable manner. It turns out that the same is true for backups, which undermines the end-to-end encryption of Messages.

Apple Can Still Read Your End-to-End Encrypted iMessages

It seems to me that Apple is aware if these issues and isn't happy with it. I think that's evident in how they encrypt Photos, which was covered by iMore:

iCloud Photo Library and security: What you need to know! | iMore

So what do you think? Will we see more thing gradually being more deeply encrypted? Will we get the option to choose our iCloud backup encryption key, or otherwise be able to protect it (2FA)? Or, since the pressure is off at the moment, is this less of a priority?


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Jan 8, 2012
Do you think true "Zero Knowledge" or end-to-end encryption is on iCloud's roadmap?

To answer the thread question, I'd say "probably"...
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