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do you need ios 10 to use kik,instagram, and snapchat


Feb 20, 2014
The safest way is to try and download those apps. If you tap on the apps in AppStore, there is an "information" field where it says what iOS version you should at least have running to use that app.

Good luck. If you have any further questions, please join our forum. We're happy to help.


Well-known member
Oct 22, 2015
Not necessarily. Surely, some features, introduced with latest iOS versions, may not be supported or function, but you can download the app nonetheless. Concerning current app versions, Kik offers support for iOS 7 and newer versions, while Snapchat and Instagram instead need iOS 8 to be installed. If your device is on an older OS, you may still download an older version of the app (if, before being updated, they had an older version supporting your current OS), you just need to have them in your purchase list (if you don't, as they are free apps nonetheless, just open iTunes on a PC, use the same account you use on your device to login an do download them). If you tap on the cloud icon next to the app name, you will be prompted to download an older vesion instead of the newest (the last version that supported your iOS)