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Django Unchained review...


Sep 7, 2010
So...Tarantino, arguably one of my favorite directors and someone who has yet to disappoint me with his films brings us a western focused on a bounty hunter slave.

Without giving too much away, this movie was simply awesome! And what's not to love...gore (EXTREME gore, comes with Tarantino's territory), his unmatched dialogue, great acting, did i say gore? Oh, and Jamie Foxx's wang (for the ladies)...yup, what's not to love about this film?

Not my favorite of Tarantino's work, but definitely up there. I would pay to see that film several times.

And while i think it goes without saying, but this isn't for kids, people who are sensitive to cursing or violence, and it is REALLY full of racial slurs, so if that bothers you, chances are a movie about slavery from Tarantino isn't on your list to see anyways.

Nov 30, 2012
Great set pieces, great dialogue and great acting. There was one scene where LDC cut his hand on the table and it just looked like it shouldn't have happened. Anyone notice that?