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Disable Data charges on iphone


New member
Jan 26, 2009
My friend has an old iphone. I use ATT as my cellphone provider. I have an LG crap phone. My sim card has the blue stripe that says 3g, I get 3g service on my phone. So my questions are...

1) If an iphone has been used (normally) would I ever have to activate it again?
2) How can I disable the data transfer, as to avoid data charges.
3) I will still have wifi and bluetooth functioning correct?
4) Without any sim card intact, will the iphone work like an itouch (+camera?)

On a sidenote....
I have an itouch. If i sync purchased apps from the itouch to my computer, can I sync them onto my iphone?

I know I have alot of questions, but I'd like to know if my plan to eliminate the need to carry around an ipod and phone will work before I make a deal for my friend's old iphone.
Thank you in advance for your replies and help!


TiPb Forum Staff
Jul 10, 2008
1. Most likely since it is a new SIM card. I'm not totally sure about this one though.
2. Try calling AT&T and tell them you don't want data.
3. Both will still work.
4. It needs to be activated. I think if it doesn't detect a SIM it won't completely boot up. Not 100% sure on this though.

Sidenote - yes, the same apps will work/sync on both.