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Different iOS devices work differently on home sharing


iMore Question

My iTunes is on my iMac.
My iPhone can see it perfectly well, and I can watch movies through it.
On the iPad, on the other hand, nothing seems to work. I keep getting this message telling me I haven't got the right permissions to open the file. This is on the rare and happy occasions where the home sharing actually deigns to load..
The cruncher:
My iPhone is iOS6.1.6, iphone 3GS (can't upgrade to iOS7 even if I wanted to),
and my iPad is newer, and runs iOS7.
How can I fix this?
It's obviously not the settings on the Mac, or the router, since everything streams nicely to the phone.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Either reboot or reset your iPad to see if that'll help.