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Did I mess up my iPhone 5 front facing camera?


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iphone 5 front facing camera problem

I bought an iPhone 5 for cheap to repair (I enjoy taking apart things and trying to repair them), it had a few little problems. it originally had a bit of water enter it and stopped the down volume button, ear piece and front facing camera from working. I fixed all but the front facing camera. I tested it with the front camera part from my iPhone 5 and it did not work so I assumed maybe a resistor had gone somewhere. anyway once I put the camera back into my phone it did not work on my phone so I thought maybe the camera connector had maybe been damaged in the exchange so I bought a new part and tried that and my phone still isn't working now either! I've had a close look and it doesn't look like the connector on the logic board is damaged nor any damaged resistor/components. Any ideas what it could be?