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Jun 11, 2009
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I bought a 8g iphone used in ontario and was told it was jailbroke. When i went to Rogers to get a sim and contract....i found that the sim tray was missing.. so i figured no problem....i will get the part from Apple in Toronto. I phoned and the guy asked me the serial number, which i gave him and we set up that they would send me one.
The problem started when, i also asked him about a problem that i had trying to sync with Itunes. When i hook up to USB it will charge the unit but when i turn unit on, it causes windows to reboot. He looked thru his manuals and then asked ..when you turn the unit on.....not on USB......what do you see? I said a pineapple with a bite out of it,he then proceeded to tell me that it was illegal software installed and that i just voided the warranty and their was no support.
Ok guys any ideas about why it reboots puter when i try to sync? Also where can i get that sim tray in Ontario and will the Mounties be paying me a visit. Thanks in advance.:(
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Mar 27, 2005
The guy reacted the way he should of. He knew then and there that the software was messed with. Why it's resetting your computer, I have no idea. I'm assuming you are on a Windows machine?

For a sim try do a google search for iPhone parts. There are a few sites out there that you can buy a sim tray from.