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Deleted app notifications


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Question: if I delete the app from my device, can I still receive warnings if someone sends me a massage? For example, receive an email alert saying so and so messaged me via whatsapp. Is that possible?


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
You asked, "If I delete the app...?" What app are you referring to? Please join the iMore Forums and reply in detail in this thread so we can better assist you. Thanks


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Apr 24, 2012
From your question it would depend on the app developer itself.

Once you remove the app from your device you lose all push notifications. If the app allows for an email to be sent then it may still be able to happen. For example Facebook works with email notifications so if you delete that app you would still get the notifications by email. As,e with Tapatalk afaik you can get notifications of replies etc via email.

Whatsapp I don't think offers such an option. The messenger is dependent on your phone number anyway so if you delete the app messages will never deliver to you .

Marisa Silva

New member
Jan 7, 2017
Sorry, I forgot to mention the name of the app I was referring to.
Whatsapp. I would rather not receive messages on there, and avoid people know that their messages are being delivered. But... I would still like to know who sends messages, if that makes sense?
So for example, on Facebook we receive an email notification saying such a person sent a message, but unless we enter chat that will never show as read/delivered.