Dealing with Apple to replace iPhone


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Nov 22, 2008
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Has anybody else had a hardware problem with their iPhone? My started acting up about a week after purchase- the screen would vibrate and then roll like an old television without vertical hold. The problem occurred intermittently, like very 5 days or so. When I took it back to the vendor, they kept it for a few days and then returned it, saying it did not have a problem. A day later it was doing the same thing. I finally managed to take a video of the problem one night and brought that into the vendor. They took my phone again. Now I am out the money I paid and the phone for the second time in a month.

Anyone have any ideas for trying to get a new phone from Apple, rather than the runaround?


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Mar 27, 2005
Not to sound rude but are you sure you are dealing with Apple? I have never heard of a Apple store taking a phone to look at it... unless they sent it in for repairs and even then you would get a replacement phone. And if you make a appointment at the genius bar the will 9 times out of 10 give you a new phone on the spot... Does not sound like you are dealing with a Apple store.

And how long have you had the phone? If it is only a week or two old you could just demand your money back...


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Nov 19, 2003
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All the Apple store will do is give you a refurb, got three just as bad as the first. Then called Apple and once you get to a "Product Specialist" if they deem you worthy they move it the ladder. I just got my 5th phone, but my first new phone in a box. Dealing with Apple is a major pain in the ass but once they get it together it happens.

I got at least 5 people who promised me that "I will be the last person you will have to deal with concerning this problem." All but one was nice and polite, they just didn't do what they promised.

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