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Data Guard Free - keep your data safe!


Dec 19, 2012
Data Guard is the best way for you to hide your top-secret stuff from prying eyes. Lock your notes, contacts, photos, videos and other files in a secret and secure place.

Creates secret folders for your photos, videos, contacts and notes that nobody can see!


∙ Dot Lock Code with adjustable pattern colors
∙ Security Pin Code
∙ Custom Pattern Lock
∙ Fingerprint and Multi-Lock protection emulator
∙ Trusty Combination Lock
∙ Instant tracker: detects break-in attempts, maps intruder?s GPS location, provides coordinates with photo, date, time and location stamp so you can easily catch the intruder red-handed
∙ The number of break-in attempts shown on the icon badge
∙ Normal and Decoy modes, fool intruders with a fake password
∙ Private storage and folder management for your photos, videos, notes and contacts
∙ Seamless data integration: Import/Export your photos and videos from/to Camera Roll
∙ Built-in video player

Keep your data safe and sound with Data Guard!