Dark Summoner


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Aug 11, 2012
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I am sure this is a very popular game already - evidenced by the 5million downloads! However i felt like pointing it out to those who havnt spotted it.

Dark summoner is a simple monster card collecting game, you use your cards to battle other players or complete missions/compete in global events and with clan mates, however it can become quite complex if you go looking into the combinations and bonus cards provide each other. It wont be a game for everyone, and i myself wasnt taken at first, but a few months down the line and i am totally addicted.

If you want to check it out you can check the itunes link below:


If you do sign up my ID is 1739020543, using it as a referral will net you a rare bonus pack to start your team with, and allow you to contact me if you have any questions. Not just a selfish plug!

Hope to see some new faces on there, and with any luck you will enoy it as much as myself.