Dad's 3GS jumping in & out of service, then froze completely, got hot & shut off!


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Jun 18, 2009
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Did he simply receive a bum iPhone? Him & I both got 32GB 3GS' on Friday. Mine seemed to work fine around the house, his was cutting in and out of service.

Over the weekend, he was away out of state and called me from a different phone telling me that he was taking pictures with his phone at my baby cousin's Christening and the phone suddenly froze. Holding down the off button + home button didn't do anything, and it started to get very hot. The phone shut off, and he turned it back on a little later. Now, it won't turn on.

Unfortunately the apple store we bought it from is closed for renovations for a month, so he has to go to an apple store father out of town, but does anyone know why this unfortunate incident happened?