Crystal Tower Pro - Jenga-Styled block removal Physics Puzzle [Universal App]


Feb 10, 2012
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Crystal Tower is the ultimate 3D physics-based Jenga-style block removal puzzle. Every tower is constructed from blocks which are different in size, shape and color. The main goal of the game it to break all blue blocks and save all red blocks of the tower.

Account for physical collisions and gravity rules to achieve perfect results. You will lose one Life if the red block is broken or destroyed. The less red blocks are broken the more Crystals you earn on every level. Use Crystals to get more Life and Freeze items in the game’s store. Use Freeze Items to complete tricky levels instantly.

Some blue blocks contain bonuses which rise from the bottom to the up when you break them - tap a bonus with your finger to catch it. The meaning of every bonus is explained during the game play and in the Help menu.

Crystal Tower contains more than 100 levels – some of them are pure crystal-smashing joy, some will make you think twice or more to complete. The game has 3 level packs:
* Crystal Towers – virtual Towers to get you started
* US Towers – real life famous US Towers
* World Towers – real life famous World Towers


-Stunning 3D Graphics and Effects
- More than 100 unique and challenging physics based levels
- 3 Level Packs: Crystal Towers, US Towers, World Towers
- Real life Towers from US and around the World
- Interactive Towers Quiz. Guess correct Tower name and earn more Crystals!
- Multi touch support. You can crash multiple blocks at the same time
- Zoom in and Zoom out a tower with your fingers
- Rotate a tower using simple swipe
- Game Center Support
- Built in Help and Tutorial

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Youtube Video :

iTunes Link:

Since we have released version 2.0 of the Game we have 25 promo codes to give away. Just send me a message and I will send the codes out in order received.
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Feb 10, 2012
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We have 30 promo codes to give away - please PM me and I will send them out in the order received!

If you get a code and download and play the game we would totally appreciate your feedback and impression about the game.

This would really help us for the upcoming updates!

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