Crazy Royal Solitaire (by Crazy Joker Studios)


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May 24, 2020
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Crazy Royal Solitaire is a blend of Solitaire and Poker. It is a versus game, where you compete against other players. Crazy Royal Solitaire is a strategic game where the most strategic player will win. If you want to challenge your skills and ability to strategize, Crazy Royal Solitaire is the perfect game for you. Download now to show off your skills.

Players: 1 player

Deck: A standard 52-card deck

Goal: To score as many points as possible by developing poker hands in a five by five grid.

Setup: Shuffle the deck and set it on the table to form the draw pile.

How to Play Crazy Royal Solitaire
Crazy Royal Solitaire is played with a single deck of 52 playing cards. Only the first 25 cards will be used. The game consists of five rows and five columns. 5 out of randomly mixed 25 cards will be shown in the first row. Your goal will be to score the highest score by creating the best poker hands possible in each of the five columns. It is important to familiarize yourself with each poker hand and their score.

Follow the following steps to play Crazy Royal Solitaire:

Drag a card to one of the 5 cards already displayed
Drag the other cards to a different card until you fill the second row with cards
Form the best poker hand of 5 cards that will earn you the highest scores in each column
Each poker hand you create will earn you different bonus points
Complete the 5 columns with the best possible poker hands before the clock runs out to earn a time bonus
Play against your friends or other players
All our games work with Skillz platform and can be played.

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Example: as seen in picture. Take the king of spades and put on king of hearts to make a pair.

Each card that follows place on any top card to make any hand possible.

Make a grid of 5X5 layout to finish the game and get a total score.

Do it as quickly as possible because each second left on the clock counts as 10 point.



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Feb 17, 2022
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Royal Solitaire is cool... It's a pity that you can't make money there. I think this is the only disadvantage of this game. I love gambling and prefer this way to relax and get emotions and earn some money. I think it's cool when you can earn money by doing what you love. I have a lot of games that I prefer to play, and the most frequent are poker, solitaire, and the game I can play these games a lot, sometimes the time in them flies by so fast that I don't even realize that it's been five hours. It's so addictive that time flies by imperceptibly.
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