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CRAYON - Color RAY photON, Best Two Players Game for iPhones 6, +, and iPads


New member
Apr 20, 2012

Best two players game on your large screen iPhones and iPads!

CRAYONs (Color RAY photONs) is a newly discovered particle with polarity. It can carry a combination of red, green, and blue color photons. The photons combination determines the color of the particle.

CRAYONs follow some simple rules:
1. Positive CRAYON would connect to negative CRAYON of the same color.
2. When two CRAYONs connect, they produce a color ray and vanish.
3. A ray adds color to CRAYON, as color photons are absorbed.
4. With all three color photons, a fusion reaction transforms the CRAYON into a powerful energy.

Top scientists have set up a CRAYON from in the lab. In order to utilize
the energy, they need a smarter person to perform the collection. You need to place a CRAYON into the farm and collect as much energy as possible while scoring, before the farm is overflowed and CRAYONs are leaked.

Be aware of some not-yet-fully-understood particles. Some of them can affect CRAYON, in a bad way.

Tips: Longer ray gives higher score!