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Mar 28, 2017
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In life, there are phone cases… and then there are amazing phone cases. These phone cases come along once in a lifetime, and live in a world that most people never see, hear, touch, or even dream about… and then a company like Cover-Up comes along and creates a magnificent phone case that is available for $31 or less, that not only pairs well with most bourbons and scotch, but also feels appropriate to raise your pinky while holding it.

Price – Currently, $26.00 - $31.00 (various wood/designs) – free shipping on all USA orders.


Welcome to the #WoodBack Case, by Cover-Up.

A hand finished real wood cover, combined with a protective polycarbonate snap case, perfectly formed to fit your iPhone 7 Plus. The natural wood grain and texture makes every case unique.

I’ve been using phone cases since the iPhone 3 – even back during the dark ages of gel cases that came off all the time when you pulled them out of your pocket – and never in my life did I think about the idea of blending a polymer case with a sheet of wood built in it; well Cover-Up did – mind…blown. Cover-Up has broken the mold with this winning combination of various wood backings that are sure to impress most people, and have others looking up “Carpathian Elm Burl” when you get done talking.

The Look – Straight out of the box, the craftsmanship and design of this case will surely impress you. Normally I’m a minimalist when it comes to protection, opting for cases that provide adequate protection but don’t really break up the form factor of the device… and then the #WoodBack case came along. I have to be honest here… I was sold when as soon as I heard the word “mahogany,” but there are various different types of wood that you can purchase, ranging from rich mahogany, to Carpathian elm, walnut, and many more, representing the full spectrum of different woods from light to dark, making it easy to pair for most any occasion.

The Feel – The wood is seamlessly blended in with a solid polycarbonate chassis, which snaps sharply onto the phone. I was a little worried at first that it would obstruct the feel of the phone, but having the solid wood backing almost makes it feel like an extension of the phone. It has a very balanced weight to it, and doesn’t feel cumbersome. As you can see from the pictures, the top and bottom of the case are left bare, allowing for a natural feel of the device, and it also leaves your speakers and charging port unimpeded, for ease of access.

The Texture – The wood finish is of course naturally a little slick, but no more than the actual phone finish itself – less slippery, actually. However, the polycarbonate edging will keep it from sliding on any imaginable surface. The case texture is a bit grippy, but this is nice because it helps to bring out the quality craftsmanship in the design, and it also helps to prevent slips or drops. Carrying the phone is pleasant because it puts emphasis on the areas that you’re holding the phone instead of covering the entire area in a grippy or plastic surface.

Ease of Access – One of the first things that you will likely notice after you install the case is that the power button access throws you off if you’re used to traditional cases that cover the button. I was using a Ringke case prior to this that covered the power button with TPU material, creating a larger button press area, so when I switched to the [URL=]#WoodBack [/URL] , it took me a day or two of getting used to reaching a little higher for the button. If you’re used to carrying your phone sans case, then it shouldn’t present any problem for you at all. One other thing you may have to get used to is the port access on the bottom. If you’re used to using a protective case, usually it’s pretty easy to plug your charger in in low-light conditions, or without looking. It took a little practice getting used to trying to plug it into the charging port with no guiding cut-out around it. Again, shouldn’t’ be an issue for non-case users. I do need to highlight that these are not actual problems. It’s just an observation that I had when switching from a full-enclosure case to this more open design.

Protection – On a scale of 1-10, I’d say that this phone comes in around a 6. It provides a rugged exterior that will protect from side and surface impacts on the backside, but the open case design of the top and bottom leaves the surface area exposed. Always, always, always, make sure that you put some form of screen protector on your device – especially something as expensive as an iPhone 7+. As everyone knows, the phone is not waterproof. It has an IP rating of 67, versus the IP 68 rating of the S8 and other waterproof devices. It is water resistant, but if you’re looking for a case that provides more than normal splash and impact resistance, you’ll still want to look at other manufacturers such as LifeProof and OtterBox. The [URL=]#WoodBack [/URL] is more of a lover, than a fighter. Its design is geared much more towards up-scale class and craftsmanship, than taking a splash in the pool.

Summary – I think it’s apparent at this point that I recommend that you buy this case. If you own a suit and a tie, this case is a must-have for business trips, dinners, and the professional environment. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd and looks elegant, this phone case is perfect for most any occasion. It may not be the end-all, be-all case that you use 365 days out of the year, but it certainly merits a nice place on your desk to snap on when the occasion arises; however, it also works very well for a daily driver. I will be using this as my primary case for the foreseeable future, and I gets high marks on all of the features I look for in a phone. Classy, rugged, impressive, and doesn’t disrupt the overall feel of the phone.

Recommendation – Buy, buy, buy! P.S., and buy!

- Looks sharp!
- Looks great for any occasion, and really takes your phone to the next level in professional environments
- Provides adequate protection but doesn’t disrupt the look and feel of the device.
- This phone is the definition of premium. Your phone is premium, and the case should be too!
- Various different colors and types of wood backing to choose from.

- It’s not cheap. It’s not overly expensive either, but you won’t find one in the bargain bin.
- It’s not a full-enclosure phone – don’t drop it in water.
- May not be the best choice for younger kids or teens; it’s more of a professional style case
- May take some adjusting to get used to the power button and port access if you’re used to TPU style cases.

Go check out Cover-Up’s #WoodBack selection of fancy, awesome cases at They have a wide variety of cases for more than just iPhones. They also have cases for many popular android devices, laptops, and tablets. If you have one already or have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments!
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