Copy Movies ALLREADY on my iPad

Hans Nel

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Oct 20, 2016
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Hi guys, I have 3 movies ALREADY synced to my iPad Movie Library on my iPad (NOT PC). I have 3 movie players apps on my iPad. Problem is, it seems they can only play movies that was added to THEIR OWN file downloaded section. This actually causes 3 duplicates of the SAME movie should I copythe same movie to the three players.

Is there not a better way of specifying a defualt player for movies. WHY is there a LIBRARY and PLAYLISTS on an iPad but those files or playlists can not be dragged to a movie app?

Come on guys this method is not good coding practice. And it takes a LOT un unneeded space. Can I not drag a movie to and app from the library on my iPad...or else WHY do we have a library on the iPad?


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Sep 9, 2015
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On ios apps have their own mostly closed off space, like a sandbox. Although it's been opened a bit lately by apple, you still use documents etc within an app.

If it's already in the movies app then you should just be able to play it from there and not have to use another videoapp.
Or you might be able to copy the movie to another app by using the share button, and then remove it from the original app.

Some apps have the ability to connect to a cloud storage like dropbox. Wih those apps you can use the same source for multiple apps.

Other thing, why would you have multiple apps for te same function, just use the one that works best for you?

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