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Aug 1, 2010
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Will try to post a conversation a Nokia moron started with me today in email, after I basically told him Nokia was a dying company...trying to hang on.

Him: Oh my.. Take a look at these tests..

From the lab: Lumia 920 low-light shootout with Nokia 808, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III -- Engadget

From your so called dying company..

Me: I have already seen those. It's going to take more than a good camera to save them. I can buy a point and shoot camera that would be better.

HIM: did you really? What are your OPEN MINDED thought?

HIM AGAIN: Don't worry man.. Keep on Hating them.. They need that.. Its called fuel to success.. When you stop hating that's when they stop working.

Just take a look at Apple.. Everything they do is loved.. So why innovate?

ME: I saw it when it first came up on Engadget's website this morning and I thought it was very good. Impressive. I see how terrible the Samsung and HTC performed.

HIM: Yeah, I think these were low light situations.. Just upset with Apple fans posting.. Saying Its rigged because the test was done in Finland at Nokia Lab. They said try testing it at Cupertino.. Are u serious!! You think they have Tnkgrl on gun point and say things on script or make Nokia look good. Also its her personal iPhone 5 on the test. Not provided by Nokia.

ME: LOL I don't hate Nokia. Innovate?? Has there been any other company in the world to incorporate LTE in their phones and get the battery life that the iPhone 5 has?? You bash Apple, yet you buy their products. That's not how its done. This is how its done....I am gonna bash Samsung. To me, their products suck. Now if I turned around and went and bought one, what difference does my bashing make?? Nothing...but rest assured, I will never spend another penny on a Samsung mobile phone.

ME AGAIN: I have no problem with the results. Yes they were low light. When the phone comes out (see, another of Nokia's shortcomings - announce a phone but no release date or price) there will be lots of comparisons. But really, the two flagship cameras will reside on the Lumia 920 and iPhone 5. Everyone else is way down on the ladder.

HIM: Apple products are ok.. I have a MBA and will soon get an ipad.. Its the company and the fans that makes me hate them. They are biased and blind.

ME: Oh, they are just "ok" why spend all that money on just an "ok" product? I don't understand :)

HIM: ok, iPhone 5 is an OK product. do you really think its a huge jump from the 4S like what the fans are saying?

ME: LTE for some makes it a worthy upgrade. I mean you know for yourself the difference between 3G and LTE. The display is better, but I was fine with the 4S. Processor is a very big upgrade. It is much faster. The front camera is a huge upgrade, the rear camera slight upgrade. Speakers are much better on the 5. I personally love the new lightning connector. In some ways its a huge upgrade and in others, minor. Probably the most single upgrade factor is LTE and making battery life even better than the many times did Nokia upgrade the N95, and each time it was very MINOR?? Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Note II?? Minor upgrade. Motorola RAZR MAXX to the RAZR MAXX HD???? Minor upgrade. SGS2 to the SGS3?? Minor upgrade. It happens across the board like that. But only Apple gets hammered for it.

This is it in a nutshell. Take it however you want to. The iPhone 4, 4S and 5 offer some of the best hardware in the industry. Sure it may be fragile because there is a lot of glass. But if we drop our plastic phones on concrete, they gonna hurt too.

Apps....the best ones reside in the app store. Sure, Google has a lot of the equivalent apps but they RUN SMOOTHER on an iPhone and look better. Especially the ones we use day to day, like FB. Don't even get me started on Twitter apps on Android.

Sure, Google has done some nice things with their OS and Apple is not up to par on the OS front but slowly but surely that may change...but OVERALL...the total package...when you consider everything...I think iPhone is the best phone TODAY. In 6 months, it may not be.

If the apps ran smoother on Android, and s Motorola packed the same specs as the SGS3 and had a camera at least as good as whats on the iPhone 5, I may would switch. Hell, I even tried to switch by getting the SGS3. But that was an awful experience..And I absolutely hate power buttons on the side. I much prefer them on the top. And I much much much prefer the email client on iPhone to anything on Android. Even the native Google mail app. And I prefer Safari.

ME AGAIN: Compared the the S2, Samsung cut the battery life in half on the S3...HALF!!!! And Apple IMPROVED battery life...the processor for Samsung went from 1.2Ghz to 1.5.....they made it bigger, and heavier...and Apple made the iPhone 5 bigger and LIGHTER..and the iPhone 5 will work on more networks than the S3...

No other company in the world, has attained the engineering feats that Apple has, and part of that is making a phone bigger, but thinner, lighter and faster. That is some serious engineering that no one in the world has done.

HIM: 1st of all.. I've never had the S2 for long.. Probably like a week only. S3 battery life lasted me through the day. Wanna talk about processing power. S2 came from 1.2ghz DUAL CORE to 1.5ghz QUAD CORE. Instead of 2 highways of information running it became 4 highways. Heavier because of increased battery from 1650mah to 2100mah, also a bigger screen from 4.3 to 4.8. I guess that's not innovation. Also its thinner..

What Apple did was not serious Engineering.. Its called Catching up.. hmmnn.. Slightly.. U gotta call it like it is.. Don't exaggerate or Fabricate. I'm no Samsung or Apple follower.

I see things and I call it..

ME: Lmfao catch up??? Look in their bank and you'll see it's everyone in the world, including dumb f**k Nokia, who is playing catch up. Samsung made the S3 thinner by .01mm. Who would notice that??? Oh it's heavier because of a bigger battery that only lasts half of what the other one was. How the f**k did they do that, Samsung innovation?? You don't get a Quad core and LTE. You get one or the other. More Samsung innovation?? Must be...

HIM: Yeah catch up.. What did Apple Introduce on the iPhone 5 that we don't have now? Lightning? That's made up word.. Also known as USB cable.. lolz

Tell me a device right now that is Quad Core and LTE at the same time? Oh its definitely not Apple.. Oh I forgot their chips are Made by Samsung. lolz

Apple might have so much $$$$.. Too bad their not using it on their favor.. lolz, Panoramic Photos I guess that's where the R&D went.. LMAO!!

In all Seriousness.. Apple is laughing at its costumers.. Because whatever they put on the iPhone.. It will be loved and appreciated. THATS A FACT!! Why do they need to innovate? Their established..

They will make Apple Water.. That stuff would be sold out..

At this point, I knew there would be no progress made. So I didn't respond.


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Sep 22, 2012
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Ill admit I didn't read all of it but this whole brand loyalty thing is garbage. Nokia being "dead" won't happen. Just because they aren't popular in North America doesn't mean they haven't been popular at all anywhere. They have a solid following and Microsoft and Nokia have a good thing going. Windows Phones are fantastic. I personally can get along with anything that isn't Android and I don't side with Apple or Microsoft on anything. Crazy I know. Whoever has what I need I get it.

But fanboy arguements are pointless.