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CONTEST: Enter to win a free screen protector from ScreenPro and iMore!

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Michelle Haag

Staff member
Oct 7, 2011
One of the most frustrating things for a lot of people is spending a good chunk of money on a new phone, and then getting a scratch on the screen. Screen protectors are an obvious solution to that problem, right? But how many of you have paid money for a screen protector, only to have trouble installing it to your satisfaction on your iPhone? I know plenty of people who have gotten them on crooked, tried to adjust the position, and ended up just peeling it off and throwing it away, wasting time and money. What if there was a way to take all the hassle out of that installation, and get a perfectly aligned screen protector the first time, with almost no effort?

A new company called ScreenPro has developed a product for the iPhone 4/4S that is designed to do just that. Combining the screen protector with an applicator, you are sure to get that application right the first time with no stress and no frustration. Simply wipe off your device with the included cloth, peel off the first layer of protective film from the screen protector, and pop your iPhone into the applicator. Flip it over, press down on your phone and pop it out from the applicator. From there, use a card to smooth out any air bubbles, peel back the second layer of film from the screen protector, and you're done! A perfectly protected screen in a matter of minutes. There are 3 varieties of protection to choose from (Clear, Anti-Glare, and Privacy) and they range in price from $14.99 to $17.99 depending on which you choose. And in case you're wondering, the packaging, applicator, and even the screen protector itself are all biodegradable and recyclable!

The awesome folks at ScreenPro have given us 6 of these screen protectors (2 of each style) to pass on to you guys! If you're interested in winning one, all you have to do is leave a comment below letting us know which style you'd prefer. If you don't say which style you want, you're not entered. We'll pick winners Sunday night, so get your entry in!

Check out the ScreenPro website for more information.


Trusted Member
Jul 8, 2011
I'd like to enter for the privacy styled SP for my daughter. Her SP she has now is starting to get shottie looking and is in need of a new one. She mentioned to me last week that she wants a new one, "the kind that no one can see what your typing if they look over your shoulder"

Thanks iMore & Screen Pro for the contest, and good luck to all:D

Coach Albino

New member
Apr 7, 2012
Would love the clear screen protector. Finally a company's got it right. I've been known to peel off and throw away screen protectors in a matter of minutes. Thanks ScreenPro and iMore.


New member
Jan 24, 2012
Privacy would be awesome!! I have been through 3 screen protectors in as many months between cheep protectors and difficult installations.


New member
Sep 1, 2010

Hey I would love a clear one please. I have done just that, bought a screen protector only to have it screw up when I Apply it. Horsecrap!
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