Contemplating getting an Iphone


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Jul 5, 2008
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I am a current Treo 680 user, and I am contemplating getting an Iphone.

My biggest concerns are losing the large number of applications I have installed on my Treo. I know the Iphone App store will be open soon, but I don't know what kind programs it will have (voice memo/call recording, MS Office document editing, etc). I am also leary of the limited bluetooth connection options - I would really like to be able to connect to other phones to transfer numbers, ring tones, etc.

I was curious - will the Iphone have access to the AT&T cellular video options? Most 3G phones do have access to it, but I haven't seen it mentioned one way or another with the Iphone.

Thanks! Any other Treo users out there who made the switch, feel free to let me know what you think.



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Jun 10, 2008
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the true question is what do you want to do with it? I'm currently a Blackberry & Mac Book Pro owner. I find myself wanting to upgrade a few key components with my Blackberry experience. Personally I feel the Blackberry fails at: Web Surfing, Multimedia, and overall experience. My phone is normally a time-consumer for me. I like push email (but im a .mac user, and will be a mobile-me user), but its not as important as the ability to run post-1980's Nintendo graphics on my phone.

In terms of your Treo 680, you can expect to have some better organizer programs, calendar, address book, etc. The programs particularly will not be the same. I'm not exactly sure about the particular ones you list: Voice Memo, Call Recording, MS Office editing, etc. I'm not exactly sure about the ability of applications, nobody is..

It may be the best option for you to wait-and-see, especially what comes out in the app store.. Although, I also think a good idea will be to go to the Web-App store, I'm sure that the web-app community will loosely replicate the app-store applications; especially those popular web-apps.

Chris (also)


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Jun 27, 2008
Aloha Chris,

First off, it's 'iPhone' not 'Iphone'. The leading 'i' is always lowercase. Secondly, don't expect to see all of your Treo apps in the App Store, especially not the day it launches. Not all apps are going to be allowed, by Apple, to be ported over to the iPhone.

On the video thing, Apple hasn't done anything with it yet, but no one knows what the third party developers have cooked up thus far. Everyone will have to wait until 11 July to see what we can get.

It's the same for the Bluetooth. I don't want to sound too harsh, but try to do a little bit of research (Google is your friend), or at least read some of the other threads here - everyone has been talking about the 3G iPhone and its "limitations", or at least perceptions of same, since Steve Jobs introduced it at WWDC. Currently, Bluetooth is reserved for hands-free communications - ie., Bluetooth earpiece and hands-free car systems. That being said, I have paired my iPhone with my iMac, but can go no further with it - Bluetooth file transfer is not enabled, yet.

The App Store will most likely have apps you've not used before, as well as ports of a lot of the apps currently in use. You may not see everything you had before, but you have to balance the User Interface and user experience of the iPhone as compared to your Treo. It's not quite like apples to apples - we'll all just have to wait and see what the App Store will provide. I had a Treo myself for just a couple of weeks, but returned it due to the same arguments used by Steve Jobs - the bottom 40%, UI, and user experience of the Treo are nothing when compared to the iPhone. Of course, this was before the iPhone was introduced, but the arguments against were still valid.

Now, with added security features, Exchange support, and ease of app deployment, not to mention future upgrades and software capabilities (for pre-existing hardware), the 2G and 3G iPhones are even more a Treo/Blackberry/other smartphone replacement.

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