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Jun 7, 2009
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Have you ever dreamed of having a contacts management application that could do a lot more than the native iPhone application does now? If the answer is ?yes?, then the ContactsTap application is what you have been waiting for.

ContactsTap is a contacts management application, which successfully replaces the original iPhone contacts application, by offering many more features and improving the existing ones; while the look and feel of the new application is pretty much the same as the native one.

ContactsTap uses the original device setting for sorting and displaying the contacts either by the first or the last name. Changing one of these options in the device setting will affect the ContactsTap application as well.

ContactsTap does not have any separate storage for the contacts? data
because it uses the native contacts address book. The idea was to store all data in the native storage space, so that everything the user may add trough the ContactsTap application can be synced with the iTunes or vice versa.

Managing groups
? Edit groups with one tap. This option enables the user to add, delete or change the group name.
? Add/remove one or multiple contacts within a group.
? Send an e-mail to all members of the selected group using your preferred type of email
? Virtual groups such as:
o All Contacts, which represents all contacts at the address book
o Uncategorized, with members not assigned to any of the groups​

Managing contacts
? Add new contacts with one tap. This option displays a familiar contacts view, where you can add new contacts.
? Search contacts using different data (first and last name, company name, job title, department, notes, e-mails, phone numbers). By default ContactsTap will search only by First and Last name: if you want to search using other fields you should enable those fields in Settings view.
? Edit contacts data with one tap. This option displays a familiar contact view, where you can modify the contacts? info:
o Edit (add info, remove, modify) the contacts.
o Send a text message to the selected contact with one tap
o Delete the chosen contact with one tap
o Manage contact groups with one tap (add / remove one or multiple groups to or from the selected contact)
o Share contacts (send the selected contact as a vCard to someone)​
? Handling of the contacts without First and Last name (usually contacts labeled as Company) in the same way as the native iPhone contacts application does it. In these cases, ContactsTap will try to use some other information stored within the contacts data and present it in the main contacts list using other information?s such as: company name, email, phone number or nickname.
? If the user provides Phonetic First and Phonetic Last Name for contacts with non-Latin characters (such as Japanese, Chinese ideograms, etc?)., the ContactsTap application will be able to automatically sort those contacts correctly.

Managing application settings directly from the application
? Specify if you want to add pictures of your contacts to the contacts list
? Change the sort order of your contacts (sort them by first/last name, or company name)
? Specify additional categories for each contact. Available categories: group names, company name, job title, department, nickname
? Specify the scope of your search criteria by specifying the fields you want to include in the search.
? Set up the email account, which will be used by the application to send vCards.

What?s new in this release:
? We have also corrected the sorting of all contacts, which contain non-Latin characters (such as Japanese, Chinese ideograms, etc?). If the user provides Phonetic First and Phonetic Last Name for those contacts, the ContactsTap application will be able to automatically sort those contacts correctly.

Important Notes
? ContactsTap is not compatible with any 3rd party application which deals with contacts syncing. On windows, it is iTunes which deals with Outlook syncing process.
? If you are using Windows and Outlook then all groups created at the ContactsTap application shall be synced at Outlooks Folders not Categories. Outlook Categories shall not be synced with iTunes. All contacts organized under Categories shall be synced under Uncategorized group. Therefore, it is better to organize contacts under Folders if you want to have them converted to groups on iPhone. These are all Outlook issues and ContactsTap have no control over it.
? There is a known problem with syncing contacts trough Exchange, which again is an Exchange issue rather then ContactsTap issue.
? Using camera to take snapshots from the Edit Contacts feature can allocate a huge amount of memory and cause the iPhone OS to close the application. This is an iPhone SDK problem where Camera application takes too much memory.
? Sending SMS to multiple recipients (groups) currently is not supported due to restriction of the iPhone SDK. We shall add support for this feature as soon as Apple provides a support for it.
vApplication does not support custom ringtones because iPhone SDK does not support it.

The full description of this application can be found on the website

You can find link to the application at the iTunes AppStore at the following location:
ContactsTap - Best software solutions

If you run into any problems with this application, or have suggestions about possible improvements, or any kind of request, please contact us at: or leave a comment on our main site

At the moment we are preparing many new features which will be implemented in one of the next releases (multi language support, contact events and reminders, searchable groups, etc.)

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