Contacts sync problem


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Feb 1, 2009
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As this is my first post, I will just quickly introduce myself. My name is Peter and I live in London UK. I have enjoyed this site for a few days and I now have a problem I hope you can help me fix.

In MobileMe I deleted 1 group and added another. In the group I added I dragged 5 contacts from All into the new Group. In mobile me and on my iMac Address Book they display fine, but on my iPhone the old group I deleted is still there and the new group is NOT populated. The contacts are in All Contacts but not in the new group. The new group itself took a couple of days to show. I have tried manual syncing on the iPhone, on the iMac and in Mobile Me.

Emails and calendars all work fine, updating in a few minutes on the other devices.

If I add a new contact it will appear on the iPhone quickly, just doesn't seem to want to sync the new folders

Appreciate any help you might have



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Jan 9, 2009
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Hello across the pond! Trying to figure out your dilemma. Did you do a reset to see if that helps?

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Feb 13, 2009
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I had the same problem. Here's how it was fixed for me:

1. goto preferences, mail, contacts, calendars
2. goto to Mobileme under accounts
3. turn contacts sync to off
4. It will warn you that this will delete all contact data in the iphone (so make sure you have a fresh backup in your computer...), click yes
-- this will force a sync from your mobile me that will override your iphone settings (including groups)
5. After confirming your contacts are now "empty", go back and retrace your way back to select syncing contacts with mobileme
-- refreshing your contact back to iphone my take 15 minutes, but all my groups where there!
6. Don't know why this fixed it , but it did - moreover, don't know if this problem will happen again, but I know how to fix it!

Hope this helps!