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Nov 27, 2008
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Hi Everyone,

First post - not sure if I'm exactly in the right section.

I just got my new iphone a few days ago - I was gonna get one after moving overseas (which I'm doing early next year), but my old phone took a dive so I just went for it... I'll have to pay to break contract when I move, but who cares right?

Anyways, I've got this major contact problem. I imported contacts from my sim (a hundred or so) and then sync'd with gmail so I ended up with hundreds of names in my contacts list... most of which have doubled up (or tripled) - a seperate entry for home phone, mobile and email.

Is there some way I can merge contacts, delete them etc... (MANAGE them) other than inside the iphone.

What I really need is an app for my desktop computer where I can import the contacts from my iphone, make changes and organise them in a proper application (and, hate to say it - with a keyboard) then dump the updated list back onto the iphone.

My contact list has evolved from the last 8 years of cellphones - everytime I switch model I take the same list on my sim. I need a solution

Is this just wishful thinking - has anyone else had a problem like this?

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