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Dec 25, 2008
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I synced my iPhone with Google Contacts, and it imported every email stored in my account - basically anybody I've ever had email contact with - which is far more names flooding my actual phone book than I have phone numbers.

I looked in my GMail Contacts, and there are groups there. It seems to have created a My Contacts group that includes my iPhone phone book that I added manually on the phone. However, in iTunes, when I look at the Info > Contacts section, pick Google Contacts, then Configure, authenticate with my Google account, I still cannot pick the groups I want to select for syncing. It only allows the All Contacts to be selected, while the Selected Groups area is gray'd out showing nothing.

Is this an issue with iTunes (

It's really frustrating to flood your entire phone book with random email addresses and names of people I don't want in my phone - and they now make up 90% of my iPhone contacts thanks to the sync with my Google account.


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Nov 30, 2008
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Question: did you use Address to sync your Google Contacts with your iPhone? I ask, because I look longingly at that option in my Address Book preferences, but know that it only syncs if you're using an iPhone (which I'm still debating on getting). I'm trying to find out if anyone knows if it only syncs your GContacts down to Address Book when you do a tethered iPhone sync, or if it continues to sync on its own once you've set up that original sync relationship...


Jul 13, 2009
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i myself never setup the contact syncing via itunes. I went straight and did it via microsoft exchange. Instructions are easy to find, google "google contacts on iphone" and click the first result, that will get you to the right spot to get microsoft exchange setup instructions. i would link, but i dont have to post count to. I know that it only imported anything that was in my actual list of contacts within my gmail account. nobody from my "recently emailed list" or such appeared within my contacts. 2 way sync and it works great in my opinion. lets you sync calendar too if you want. Note: Does not support gmail via microsoft exchange.

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