Considering joining the Apple ecosystem but have a few questions, can I get some help?

Scott Davies4

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Apr 25, 2015
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Considering joining the apple ecosystem but have a few questions


I have been considering joing the apple ecosystem for a while now but have a few questions that I cannot seem to find the answer for.

I am looking at buying the iphone 6 with an ipad mini 3 to complement this. I however due to my work commitments need to work at sea for extended periods (4 months) at a time. Currently I have a laptop that I stream movies and programs from a WD Passport 2TB HDD and if I got the apple products mentioned above I was wondering if this HDD can work as a read only device on the ipad. I do not need to edit anything on the HDD but be able to watch these movies on the ipad via a converter from ipad to usb.

Secondly how does the integration seem from ipad to iphone, by this i mean can i have a duplicate set up of apps on the ipad so that I can effectively put down the iphone and pick up on the ipad where i left off.

I have looked for this feature on windows but as of yet its not there in my opinion, possibly something that will be implemented with windows 10 if apple cannot do this quite yet either.

Finally with imessage i have seen that the tablet can have this feature too as an extension from the iphone, this has attracted me to this ecosystem but in practice how does it work. Does everyone need to have imessage to be able to reply on either my tablet or iphone or does it work for those that are not in the apple ecosystem, i.e. someone texting me from android or windows to me.

Any pointers on where to look or people that can help me with these questions will be appreciated.

many thanks


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Oct 22, 2010
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Re: Considering joining the apple ecosystem but have a few questions

The media files on the external hdd can be played on any iOS device provided it's content is available on the computer and running iTunes, and the content has been added to the computer's iTunes library... Going back and forth between devices and picking up where you left off is the 'handoff' feature...can be easily set up... Texting and iMessage.... Sending from the iPad via an iPhone is easy to configure... And messages sent to non-Apple users will go via standard text messaging.