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Consensus on Jailbreaking


New member
Mar 24, 2017
I am new to the iPad. And I have a couple questions. I have an iPad air 5th generation running iOS 10.2.1 I love how fast and error free the iPad is but I hate the lack of versatility there I am with the device.

My first question would be:
Can you jailbreak 10.2.1?


What is the general consensus for jailbreaking in general? Am I opening a can of worms that will cause me a bunch of problems?


Active member
Nov 12, 2015
Jailbreaking the iPad, or any Apple device, is fairly easy. Please do not pay someone to do it for you. From what I remember about jailbreaking (I haven't done it since iOS 9), every tool I ever used to jailbreak came with easy to follow directions. Depending on what tweaks you install you may have a decrease in battery life and the springboard may crash from time to time (basically a small reset, no impact on the iPad), but other than that the iPad will run like normal.