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Aug 16, 2010
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Hi all.

I wasn't sure which area to post in so mods please feel free to move where appropriate.
It's a long one so please bare with it!

I've got the 6S and am well integrated into the Apple ecosystem with iPads, Macs and 4g Apple TVs.

My partner is an Android user but her Apple ID (from days gone by) it set up as the parent to my two kids Apple IDs which are set as a family but only for the purposes of downloading apps, it's not really used properly.

She has said that she wants to switch back to Apple (yay) when the new device comes out in Sept.

I've got various products and services she wants to use to I want to know the best way for us to link things together whilst keeping some things separate.

We will want a shared calendar, shared Apple Music account (family subscription), share some photos but not all as I take some for work which she cannot see (!!) and prob vice versa, shared notes and just things that families want to do.

The kids iPads I'm not particularly fussed about joining in as they only use them for games and video at the moment. Will join then in on a few years.

Any suggestions, ideas or how you manage would be greatly appreciated


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Jan 8, 2012
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Since her Apple ID is only used for purchases, leave it as-is. When she gets the new iPhone, have her create a new Apple ID, specifically for iCloud, and when she is asked during setup if she uses a separate Apple ID for purchases, have her select yes and then enter the Apple ID and iCloud ID is their respective places. With respect to sharing calendars, simply create a calendar within your current Calendar app for sharing purposes only. That particular calendar will be the only one she sees, other than what she creates.

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