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Oct 13, 2008
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Comply "Whoomp" Earbuds

I just bought the "Comply Whoomp" earbud enhancers and thought I'd post my thoughts for those who might be considering something of the like. (sorry, I'm too new to post a link yet).

I found the iPhone earbuds marginal for sound but I liked the mic that doesn't come with most other earbuds. I really didn't want to spend the $70+ dollars for another pair with this feature. However, these standard earpiece was driving me crazy because it would not stay in my ears. (I don't who's ears these are made for).

At any rate, I saw a few brands of these add-on foam attachments and decided to try these rather new ones. They sell for about $20 but there is a coupon (if you search-I can't find it now) that will get you $3 off-basically shipping.

I found them to do what I wanted them to do which is to secure the earpiece in my ear. It comes with 2 sizes and both fit my ear fine. It advertises that it enhances base but I don't find that to be the case. Music doesn't sound any better but no worse (not great to begin with).

I didn't get these for music really so I am not disappointed. My desired use was for phone calls where I could use the mic and mic features. It does that fine and secures the earpiece a little further in your ear so phone quality is fine.

Arguably, $19 is a little much for these (especially considering these are just made of rubber) but you do get 2 pair and I find them worth it for what I wanted.

Long Story short:
Fits; comfortable; comes in white/black
Allows use of standard Apple earbuds and mic
Will not do much more for you than hold the earpiece in your ear.
Sound quality fine for phone, no better for music.
Pricey! but less so than a new pair with similar features.

Hope this has helped.

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Sep 12, 2008
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That price is quite steep for rubber ha but I do understand your point in buying them.

When I first 'moved over' to in-ear headphones I was excited but soon became frustrated. The feeling is very different and besides choosing the right size for your ear, it takes time to get used to the way that they feel and fit in your ear.

So I'm not going to call you crazy for spending $19 on them...but I will call you a bit silly ;)

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