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Completely lost voice memos after installing update. How can I get them back?


New member
Jan 31, 2016
Completely lost voice memos after installing update.

Asking again... my guest status before didn't allow me to respond to my one helper! :(

Apparently one of the past updates (but not the one from last week) to my iphone5s deleted all my voice memos. I didn't know.
I did a back up of all my info today thru iTunes. Noticed I only had 2 voice memos I did on Jan 10th, but NONE of my old ones. If i had realized they were gone BEFORE I backed up I would have retrieved them from the back up before doing a new one.
Now they are gone gone. I've tried TWO downloaded programs that claim they can get them back. But both programs just give me the two newest memos since all they're doing is giving me the option to restore from my own back ups (waste!). Is there any way to retrieve them from older back ups?! I can't even get them restored from the device -like with voice mails, etc - since they weren't technically deleted - the update just wiped them out...
Any chances of finding them anywhere?!
Ps... as for i cloud back ups, from what i understand old back ups are replaced by new ones, so all I have are the ones I did today...


Oct 2, 2013
Re: Completely lost voice memos after installing update.

You could check on iCloud.com on your computer and see what's there. To avoid mishaps with voice memos, you can always email them to yourself and store in a folder. Also you can upload them to cloud based apps like Box and Dropbox. I have a few in Box. If they were in messages and not there now or in an iCloud back up, I would think they're gone.