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Apr 5, 2009
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I see a lot of the same questions around here, and after seeing some of the issues myself and finding workarounds, I figured I'd post a nice little guide of common user issues that are easily fixed.

I'm not going to cover exchange as 1) I don't know a lot about that, and 2) there is a sticky already on it.

Common questions:

I just synced my MobileMe account and when I sync my contacts, I see double entries for everyone, what do I do?: This is a really easy fix, just go into Settings ---> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and DELETE your MobileMe account and when prompted, delete the data from your iphone, then readd it, your iPhone will ask you what you want to do with your data, click MERGE all data. This will cause double entries in Contacts, as well as calendars to go away.

I have a message stuck on send how do I fix this?: Well, I'm sure there is more than 1 way to do this, but when I had this issue, nothing short of a restore seemed to fix it. I restored my phone and then backed up.

My MobileMe will not send mail, I get an error about the outgoing SMTP port. I have had this issue as well, and nothing short of a restore fixed it for me. Make sure for your primary server under your mobileme account in settings, the port is 587. That seems to be a common problem as well. If the port is wrong, change it or resync the account.

More common questions than technical problems:

If I have a regular subscription can I get a family pack? Yes. Just do it under your user settings in

If I have a trial and haven't quite decided, how long do I have after my account expires to reactivate it? You have 45 days from the date of expiration to recover your existing username.

Will my data still be there if I recover it after my trial has expired? Yes, your data will still be there as long as you recover within 45 days. (per Apple support specialist)

If I am a secondary user (not primary) on a family account can I convert my username to a full account? Yes you absolutely can use this. You can either call Apple or purchase a mobileme box and enter the activation code to upgrade. It will port your account to an admin single user and open up a family spot on the old account.

Other feature support:

What about iDisk, I want to have a live backup of my computer but my iDisk is not big enough. Well you have a few options here, the most obvious, you can purchase more storage on your mobile me account, OR, you can download a program called Backup 3 from Apple and as a .mac/MobileMe user, you can schedule backups to disc or your preference. (You can use this software even if you are not a mobileme user but you will be limited to backups of 100MB). *Please note: you can not use backup3 to it's full potential under a trial membership, you will still be limited to a 100MB backup at a time unless you are a mobileme/.mac paid subscriber.

How do I password protect my public iDisk folder? I have a Mac, so if someone can post PC instructions, that would be great, but on a Mac, go to system preferences --> MobileMe (or .Mac) ---> click the iDisk tab and check password protect my public folder and you will be prompted to choose a password.

Common useful links:

your public folder URL is:

your gallery URL is:

If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free to do so. I figure this may make it easier for new users or existing ones to figure out common problems. I'll also add solutions to problems I run into as well.

And if you have an issue you can't figure out, mobileme also offers livechat on the mobileme support page!

Hope this helps some people! :)

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