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Comment: HDAccessory.com


New member
Jan 23, 2010
I wanted to post a comment about an iPhone accessory site I shopped from just recently: HDAcessory.com.

A good example of You Get What You Pay For: I ordered several accessories for my iPod Touch, including adapters and a dashboard mount from this website, the prices of which were a fraction of the equivalent products in the TiPb store. Unfortunately, the quality of most of the said accessories was a fraction of the equivalent products as well. The dash mount had obviously been returned already and resold to me; that, along with most of the other items was obviously of such poor quality that I just tossed them into the waste basket (the low cost of the products, plus a 20% restocking fee, plus the return shipping charges discouraged me from going to the time & effort of attempting a refund).

There's Made In China, and then there's Made In China; not all Made In Chinas are created equal. Let the buyer beware.