ComboApp?s Christmas Promo Code Giveaway


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Oct 22, 2010
ComboApp, an emerging publisher of mobile learning applications, will be giving away copies of its three most downloaded apps to consumers to celebrate Christmas and the winter holiday season. The publisher will hold a contest to give out five free copies of each following app to lucky eligible customers: Pocket MBA - course book (for iPhone), MBA Learning Studio. Platinum Edition, and 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas.

Of these three apps two - Pocket MBA - course book (for iPhone) and MBA Learning Studio: Platinum Edition ? are expansive professional education resources while 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Christmas currently sits among the most popular children?s applications for the iPad on Apple?s App Store. All three of these established apps hold four or five star ratings on iTunes as well. There?s no better way for ComboApp to thank its customers than offer them the chance to win one of their most successful apps as a present for Christmas this winter. Review the full contest details listed below to find out how you can enter for a chance to win any one of these quality applications.

Contest Details:

? ComboApp?s giveaway contest is open to anyone with a valid iTunes account through which to redeem their application promo code in the case that they win. To note, promo codes for these apps are redeemable Worldwide.

? To participate, follow our twitter page and tweet the following: Win 1 of 3 apps from @ComboApp!

? If you?re planning on sending a tweet, be sure to let us know your Twitter username in your submission email.

? This contest will conclude on December 22nd @ 17.00 PM EST

? Winners will be randomly picked and announced on Twitter and ComboApp blog shortly after the contest concludes.

Don't hesitate to participate and accept this fantastic promotion as our Christmas gift to you. :)

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