CleverMonkey a game challenging our intelligence


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Jan 6, 2013
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CleverMonkey a game challenging our intelligence

As CleverMonkey is the first one that has established a new way of interlinked puzzles, main game media in China compete with one another to report it. Meanwhile, the interlinked puzzles also make numerous players feel mysterious and novel.

Each tollgate is full of wisdom because they have limited balls. If such balls are used up but you haven?t collected all of the food, you will fall in upgrade. In addition, there will be various barriers like boxes, boards and ice cubes in each tollgate. The boxes and boards can rebound balls, so you can have the aid of their rebound force to send balls to such food. The deceptive situation is that it seems that the ice cubes melt as long as they are touched, but the melted thing is the ball you cast. Therefore, when you draw a line, you must find an accurate angle and avoid touching such ice cubes.

Features of the game

1) The new mode of interlinked puzzles is created for the first time.

An interlinked puzzle regards the results of the last puzzle as the elements of the next one so that all puzzles are all linked with one another. Thus, a way to solve puzzles is established.

2) The perfect combination of pop-up and physical puzzles

It is a new game which integrates the pop-up of ?Bird? and the physical puzzles of ?Crocodile?

3) A game with the most deepness of puzzles

The design of tollgates is challenging.

It is believed that the launch of CleverMonkey in 2013 will guide a new trend. In addition, the teams that develop mobile games cal also create more excellent works in the mode of interlinked puzzles. As a result, the sentence ?Have you played interlinked puzzles today?? will be the most common greeting in 2013.

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