Clarification Request - Photos App & its Link with iCloud


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Sep 21, 2016
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Hi All,

This might sounds a dumb question but I need to help and advice with Photos and its link with iCloud.

I have been an apple user for quite a while but never really utilised Photos App or iCloud. Now that Sierra has been released I find that iCloud has the functions I need that I have been utilising in OneDrive.

I can finally simply my tech stuff and workflow to utilise the native Apple Apps much much more rather than using lots of third part apps.

What I am doing is moving all my documents and files into iCloud from OneDrive so I can sync them between Mac, iPad and iPhone. I know OneDrive does that but you need the extra app.

But, where I am a little stuck is understanding how the Photos App works with iCloud.

Basically I am moving all my jpegs into Photos App and organising them into folders etc. Photos App will be my main storage viewer for Jpegs from now on. RAW files will still stay on my Mac HDD, editing in Lightroom, and backed up on external HDD's. Once I export in Jpeg I want to upload and organise it into Photos app for viewing, syncing etc.

What I do not understand though is this.

If I upload the jpegs (or drag and drop) from my HDD directly into Photos App, will they then save into my iCloud account? I can not see any folder or jpeg files in iCloud Drive so I am assuming that Photos has a separate area in my iCloud account that I can not see, but my jpegs are safely stored in iCloud incase of a Macbook failure etc.

I will be backing up the Jpegs on the external HDD also, but to be sure, I do not need to copy them into iCloud Drive, I only import them into Photos App?


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