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Jan 5, 2009
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I have been on AT&T for years. I now live in the burbs but commute to the Loop everyday for work. AT&T data on the 4s was terrible - most of the time, I could not even get any data connection in the loop. In Downers Grove, my suburb, it was a bit better. However, my voice coverage in my house is 1 bar and not stable whereas AT&T was perfect.

So, I switched to Verizon for the iphone 5. Data speeds are okay around me in Downers Grove but does anyone know of a data speed comparison for LTE between Verizon and AT&T in Chicago? Not the ones they show you on the websites for each company but any real experience with speeds between the two?

The reason I ask is I still have my AT&T phone line (my 4s - I have not ported it over to Verizon yet). I want to check which is better downtown using LTE. Voice coverage was never a problem in the Loop for me on AT&T and I suspect it will not be for Verizon in Chicago. If Verizon speeds are not substantially better, I might just hold onto my 4s and upgrade when I am eligible but the clock is ticking with Verizon to cancel my contract.

Anyone care to weigh in? (Oh, and I have not been downtown since I got the phone yesterday...)


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