Checklist Style App (not Todo's)??


Feb 21, 2009
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I am looking for an application that works as a checklist, allowing you to create a list, check off items as they're done or included or whatever, but have these items remain part of the list, so they can be unchecked automatically and used again the next time you need to perform the same function. Anyone have an app to suggest?

Prior to switching to Iphone, I used Listpro, which I liked very much. I used it as a ToDo app, but also to make lists, such as a packing list before a big trip or a list gear to bring on a camping trip. The feature I liked was that I could check off an item as I packed it. All checked items would continue to show on the list as checked them off (or disappear from view if I set options this way, but were there in the background and could be reset and brought back the next time I wanted to use the same list). Once I had packed everything, I could reset the list so that everything was unchecked and I could use it again as a check list the next time I needed to do a similar trip or function.

Currently I use Appigo Todo as my ToDo application in the Iphone and am reasonably happy with it for that function. By manipulating some of the options, there might even be a way to use it in this way. But the options seem only to apply to all lists, so I can't use some lists in this way while others function more traditionally as a todo type list.

So anyone have another app to suggest that might work in this way. If it had subitems that'd be a bonus, so that I could have subgroups of items on the checklist.


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Dec 30, 2008
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I was just about to post my review as a response.

I read your review and then went out and downloaded the app. First thing I did was create a shopping list. I like it better than a To Do and as long as you keep the "Shake to Delete" option turned off, you don't lose anything.

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