Changed Apple ID, now can't sign in to some apps


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Nov 12, 2012
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Hi everyone. I am currently on iOS 14.8 on my iPhone XS. The other day I finally changed my Apple ID from a very old email to a new one. However, I didn't realize there would be several problems that would come up when doing this. One big thing in particular is that I can't sign in to apps in which I created my account through Apple ID (i.e. Spin, which is a scooter app). Basically when I go to "sign in with apple", I get that Apple pop-up asking me "do you want to sign in to Spin with your Apple ID 'old email'", which when I press continue it won't work. I am sometimes prompted to enter my password for my old Apple ID for these apps, which doesn't work given it's my old email. And the Spin app itself gives me an error message when I exit out of the Apple pop-up.

So I decided to go in to settings and go to my Apple ID, where below my first and last name my old Apple ID is present. However when I press "Name, Phone Numbers, Email", under "Reachable At" my Apple ID is my new email. So I thought I might have to sign out of my account and sign back in, so I went back to the Apple ID page in settings and I pressed Sign Out. It asked me to enter in my password for my old Apple ID, which I entered with my new password with my new Apple ID, then I pressed Turn Off. It led me to a page saying "Keep a copy of your data on this iPhone?", and in addition to the paragraph below I freaked out and pressed cancel, as I don't want to lose my data.

I am guessing this is an issue throughout all my Apple devices, it's probably an iCloud thing. All I want to do is see my new Apple ID on these pop-ups so I can sign in to these apps I need to use. I would really appreciate the assistance!! Thanks!


Jun 2, 2011
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Because your phone still refers to your old Apple ID, you will need to sign out and sign in again.

This document at Apple Support lists the different places where the Apple ID is in use and what to do when you update the address or password:

I agree with this!! When I changed my Apple ID, I needed to sign out of everything and sign back in with my new Apple ID. It was a pain, but I had no issues.

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