chain puzzle game will lead to 2013 new trend


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Jan 6, 2013
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In May 2009, a product called "Zombies" game swept the world, the attendant is sought after by a large number of players on the tower defense game, the development team imitated. For a time, tower defense becomes a trend, not just stand-alone game, many online games also added to imitate ranks, such as "food war rats" and "Plants vs. Zombies OL". Not just the game industry, even as the stock market every day, a TV show also borrowed the sign" Zombies "game element" Sunflower ".

I n December 2009, the emergence of "Angry Birds" for 2010 to become a "birdie years, until the end of 2010, has exceeded 50 million downloads on all platforms, pay has become the most popular iPhone Application. Subsequently, a flood of similar catapult games, catapult play even copy to reality, we often see the "bird" play simulation game in a variety of TV entertainment.

Subsequently in April 2010, the emergence of the "Fruit Ninja", lead the new fashion of an fingers sliding screen ". The sliding smartphone screen "Cesi melon scene has been all over the streets.

2011 puzzle game "cut the rope" and the 2012 puzzle game "Swampy" set off a storm of the global puzzle. The world's best-selling game in App Store in 2012, the total standings, the top 10 at least 6 puzzle game. But whether it is the "cut the rope" or "crocodile small naughty love bath", they all belong to the traditional puzzle. Existing puzzle game, nothing more than "cut the rope" model "of Sokoban." Mode, the "magic A" mode and "Sudoku" mode. Puzzle gamers puzzle game has slowly lose their freshness. Game developers can only continue beyond gameplay from the game screen and game operations and other non-visual effects to attract players to the eye. The new work of the development company, for example, cut the rope " pudding monsters" play "Sokoban" mode of the common market, but the picture and topics unique and innovative, so once boarded the App Store paid game ranking first. But the " pudding monsters r" because mediocrity on the common puzzle mode and level design, leading to the rapid decline in ranking. The emergence of the 2011 and 2012 games puzzle games, and trained a large number of users of the type. But the growing puzzle players and there is nothing new puzzle games are played to become puzzle game main contradiction.
A fine game on-line soon, may be able to break the dull market situation. CleverMonkey pioneered the the comic puzzle new model, to puzzle players bring a new puzzle experience. The comic puzzle not only increase the fun, but also to expand the understanding of the mystery of depth, different checkpoints to experience different puzzle, give full play to the wisdom of the players. What comic puzzle games are played?
Chain puzzle is a puzzle as the next puzzle elements, a chain, in turn puzzle gameplay. Puzzle process as long as there is a link error, the entire puzzle will fail. Into the physical principles, will be able to let the the Puzzle process more interesting.
I believe, Over 2013 CleverMonkey, on-line, will lead the new wave of the trend, major mobile phone game development team can create more outstanding works on the comic puzzle mode. "Today you chain puzzle?" Will be the most common greeting in 2013.






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