Certain NC Tweaks work when Phone is not locked but dont when Phone is locked. Why?


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Sep 25, 2012
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New to this forum and looking for someones input. Might be in the minority here, but I use the Notification center quite frequently as its it a separate entity of the phone itself. And its pretty hooked up.

I use Intelliscreen X (which might be the answer to my question and the reason for my issues). I like ISX a lot and will not get rid of it even if its the culprit..

Ive noticed that some NC tweaks do not work or not to their fullest functionality when I access the NC when my phone is locked. A few examples are Wee Speeddial (I actually tried Favorite Contacts for the NC and Notificall as well and they had the same issues). I can view my contacts both locked and unlocked but when I go to make a call my phone resprings every single time when my phone is locked and im in the NC. It works fine when im in the NC and its not locked. Another example is the AppsCenter tweak. I can access the apps from the NC when the phone is unlocked. When I do so when its locked my phone resprings or basically loads to the springboard but does not load the app. At first I thought it was an issue with Password protection (maybe I couldnt have a password to use the tweak when the phone is locked) but than I noticed it would respring every time even with no password. Accessing the Apps I have in my NC with the AppsCenter tweak when the phone is not locked is no problem at all. Another eample..Search Cydia NC. I can enter something as a search parameter when the phone is not locked. Cydia will open right up. When I enter something when my phone is locked nothing happens (no respring, but It just does not load Cydia).

Is it just that some things are not meant to be functional when the phone is locked but are NC tweaks or is it ISX or something else causing this?

I can stream movies from my NC when its locked using MobileVids Recents, listen to my music, search Safari with Wee Search, take a pic with SlyCam, and so on and so on. But accessing apps and speed dialing does not work when my phone is locked in the NC. Anyone else have this problem?

On a side note, I cannot disable ISX in Mobile Substrate menu in SB Settings because than I will not be able to access my Notification Center from my lock screen to test this. I will not turn to Bulletin or Lockinfo as even though some say they are better, I like having Twitter, RSS, Email and Facebook pages and all of ISX functionality. Im just wondering if something is causing this or if these tweaks are not compatible with ISX.

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