Caudabe Veil XT Review (7 Plus)


Dec 25, 2011
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Minimalism, can it be taken too far? Maybe. Maybe minimalism isn’t what you want in a phone case and if it is, there are options. One such option is the Caudabe Veil XT. The Veil XT is one of the new ultra thin phone cases that have made a surge in popularity recently. I’ve always been hesitant to try a case that is only 0.35mm thick. Yes, that’s less than 1mm. If you’re buying a case like this, it’s not because you want to protect your phone from drops, which is why I’ve been hesitant to try one. However, the red Veil XT was on sale and there was another site wide sale that made the price too good to pass on. So I found myself with the very type of case that nearly makes me cringe at its protection.

The first thing I noticed upon installation, other than the slimness, is how the Veil XT didn’t offer the level of grip I would expect from such a slim case. Flagship phones aren’t known for their grippy-ness after all, so I would expect an ultra thin case to add some decent grip. That being said, the Veil XT does have more grip than your case-less iPhone. Now don’t get me wrong, your phone isn’t going to be sliding around any more than it would without a case, a little less in fact. I never really felt like I didn’t have a solid grip on my phone with the Veil XT, whereas if I go case-less I can never seem to find a good grip on my phone.

Another thing I really like is how the Veil XT doesn’t extend up to the screen. Remember, this isn’t a case about protection. This gives your phone a colored border, depending on the color that you purchase, and will not get in the way of any screen protector be they edge to edge or not. I would also be quite surprised if I could find any cable or dock that wouldn’t work the Veil XT since it adds almost no thickness to your phone. It works perfectly fine with all of my accessories. The strangest thing about the Veil XT is how it feels like you don’t have a case on your phone even though you can feel and see the case.

If you happen to worry about the camera bump, the Veil XT does extend to cover the camera bump. The only thing that really sticks out to me is the flash cutout, it doesn’t quite line up and that annoys me a little because I’m weird like that. The Veil XT is also such a thin case that it doesn’t come with button covers, instead, they are just cutouts for the actual buttons on your phone. This is actually a little strange to get used to because the buttons sit just a touch lower than the case, which doesn't affect usage at all. It’s just a little strange.


The Good
  • Nearly “invisible”
  • Cheap
  • Camera bump protection

The Bad
  • Extremely minimal drop protection
  • Requires more care to install or remove
  • Not as a grippy as it should be


Really the only reason you want to consider a case like the Caudabe Veil XT is because you don’t like cases, or want to add a little bit of grip while still feeling like you don’t have a case on your phone. That is the main draw of the ultra slim cases like the Veil XT, you don’t want to feel like you have a case on your phone. If you’re fine with that and are willing to be more careful with your phone than you would in a standard case, the Caudabe Veil XT is a great option to consider. Despite my gripes on the level of grip offered and the cutouts not being spot on, I do really like this case for what it is. It’s also one of the cheaper cases you can buy for your phone.

You can buy the Caudabe Veil XT directly from Caudabe and maybe you can find a deal like I did.

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