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Jun 16, 2012
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Castle Attack II is a sequel of Castle Attack launched by TeamTop3. Castle Attack, which had ranked dozens of national Top 10, is coming back! The grand momentum of the three kingdoms? separatist situation will be glory presented.Castle Attack had won Golden Plume Awards and ranked No. 1 on multi-national (regional) games list, this time, TeamTop3 cordially makes a tower defense game feast again!

In Castle Attack II, players will be the embodiment of the Shu Army generals, under the leadership of Military Counselor Zhuge, according to the game plot and the unfold of the map, using a different combination of armies to resist the attack of the Wei Army. If Castle Attack presents a cute version battlefield, then Castle Attack II restores the battlefield of the Three Kingdoms period more real.

Castle Attack II continues and strengthens the sound of the background music, players will sink in the legendary Three Kingdoms along the long history under the rendering of the majestic music atmosphere. Extensive props and animation effects are more gorgeous, grand and lifelike, and with stunning visual impact and great gaming experience, the game makes players cannot help to playing.

The game system is grand and profound, the upgrading of the later difficulty makes the game more challenging and playable. After complete all the game levels along the plot, players can start a brand new challenge mode. In the process of remove rolling woods, players must start more strategic offensive!

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