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CaseMachine Sesto Case for iPhone5


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Mar 8, 2012
First, I would like to speak about the company, Casemachine. I ordered the phone at the end of February, and it just got here now. I pre-ordered, and the case was originally supposed to ship by the 31st of March. Regardless, the customer service was excellent. Even though I had to wait quite a long time for the case, I got super quick responses to emails, and the case was shipped as soon as they had one available.

The workmanship is top notch, it is a limited edition, and on the back (as the pictures show) the carbon fiber is REAL. Definitely worth the premium price of $104 with shipping/handling.

before posting pictures of the case, I would like to post a picture of something interesting on the box! Not sure if the company is just guessing... but it says "Sesto" "For iPhone5/5S"

I thought that was quite interesting!

But... without further adieu, here are pictures of the packaging and the case on my white iPhone5!!


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Jan 8, 2012
It's definitely different. Anyway, thanks for sharing the photos, and take care...:)

Taylor Cowan

New member
May 4, 2013
Nice case, Its easy to see why so many people get loured in...This company has scammed so many people, myself included. Im absolutely shocked to see a real photograph of the case and that someone actually received their order.

Andrew Bailey2

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Aug 1, 2013
Casemachine has taken one of the top 3 spots on my list of "Worst consumer experiences ever". At this point, they are stealing my money and ignoring my request for a refund, even though I followed their return policy terms and conditions in which I returned the case within 10 days.

First of all, I originally ordered my case on May 24th, and was told it would ship between June 10th and 12th. I actually received it June 28th. When I received the case it was opposite the color I actually ordered. After inspecting the build quality of the case I was less than impressed from what I perceived on the website, and reviews. These cases are not worth $50 plus shipping. Whatever. These things happen. Sometimes expectations aren't met, and this was one of those times. So I opted for a straight up refund. 14 days after returning my case I was still without a refund. In that time I sent 4 emails, made 4 phone calls, and 4 forum posts and all of my inquires were ignored. I finally got Julian on the phone and he tells me they relocated their returns warehouse, and the refund would process within a few more days. 8 days later...nothing. 2 more phone calls, and emails, and forum posts later, I finally got Julian on the line again, expressed my dissatisfaction (putting it mildly) and he informed me that the the 1 person they have to issue refunds was out till Monday (I called on a Friday), and he said he would put it in for priority refund once that particular employee was available. 6 days after that....I STILL DON'T HAVE MY MONEY!!!

To add insult to injury, this past Thursday evening (8/1/13), 9 weeks after my original order, I received an unexpected package in the mail from Casemachine. This package contained the correct case that I originally ordered. The problem with this is that I did not want and/or ask for the case. I actually specified I wanted my money back both in writing and over the phone. In other words, casemachine blatantly ignored my request for a refund, and just shipped another case out to me. I called 8 times the next day trying to get someone on the phone. Their answering system is all the sudden not working. In fact, its not even there. When you call it tells you to enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach, and if you don't know the extension enter "zero zero". You enter "zero zero" and it asks you enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach. This prompt simply repeats. Now, I can't even leave them a message.

Next, I email support@casemachine.com and told them what was happening. Their response was to "send the case back, and we will process a refund. Please include tracking on the package if possible". I truly think, at this point, that someone is punking me. So now, in order to get my money back, I have to pay AGAIN to ship a case back (which, with tracking, costs more) that I never asked for/wanted in the first place. This also means that when the process is all said and done (which it is far from over) I will have paid for shipping 3 times, AND I am told that I will be charged a 20% restocking fee AND I won't be refunded my original shipping charge. Hmm...yea...customer service at its finest.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. The case design is flawed. Just out of curiosity, I opened the box and tried on this turd of a case so that I could get at least some kind of experience out of my now-nearly $70 relationship with casemachine. The i5 Slimline pro is inherently defective because the cut-outs for both the charging and headphone ports are too small. The standard Apple-manufactured charger does not fit all the way into the port unless you physically mash it in. However, once you let go the charger pops right back out. The only effective way to charge your phone with an i5 Slimline Pro case is to take the case off completely. I can't wait for Casemachine to fight me on this one because I took photos and video of the problem and can prove the case is flawed.

This company is a damn bully, and I am not taking their crap. I will be talking to someone Monday to give me my damn money back...ALL OF IT. This will include my shipping refund and no restocking fee. Futhermore, I am requesting a call tag for the 2nd case seeing as how they were not suppose to send it to me in the first place.

This company offends me personally, and professionally. I hate the fact that I did everything that was expected of me as a customer, just to have Casemachine crap on me for no reason. What really sucks is that, since my original order in May, through the various communications/emails/phonecalls/whatnot...I was extremely polite, understanding, and patient. I always am as a customer. It is really unfortunate that I now have to go the other direction to handle my issue all because Casemachine lacks the professionalism and competency to do the right thing.

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, please do not buy from these weirdos.

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